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"I've been very happy with the flexibility and customization abilities of WebToRetail™. I can put any product I want on the site and sell it on the Web. The Web site statistics are also a great service that WebToRetail™ offers. They're so detailed and they help you target how to improve your site."
--Joe Tepe
McCabe Do It Center /
McCabe Lumber

Why Choose WebToRetail?

Tailored to Your Business Needs
Innovative and adaptable, WebToRetail fits your business:
  • Full E-commerce Capabilities
  • A Variety of Customizable Designs
  • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Maintenance Access
  • No Software Installs Or Upgrade Expense
  • Upload Your Own Images
  • Create an Unlimited Number Of Pages Within The Site
  • A Domain Name Included In The Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Email Addresses At Your Domain
  • Comprehensive Web Site Statistics
  • Online And Phone Technical Support

Cost Effective
At a fraction of the price of typical e-commerce sites,
you get:

  • A site that grows with your business
  • A valuable resource for your customers
  • A communication tool for your staff
  • An e-commerce site tailored to your business

Log on to webtoretail.com and in no time, you will have your site up and running at your own domain (www.yourcompany.com). There's no software to install or upgrade - everything is 100% on-line, giving you limitless access to your site. When upgrades are made, they become available to you immediately. Password protection keeps all your data safe and secure. In short, webtoretail.com provides everything you ever wanted in a Web site.

We want to help you succeed! Our comprehensive resource area will help you target your customers and market your E-commerce site for maximum profitability. Tutorials and online tips will guide you through every step.

Additionally, we provide a number of resources to help you target your audience and bring them to your site. By using the advanced web tracking statistics provided with WebToRetail, you will be able to see how customers are interacting with your site. This will allow you to fine-tune your site so that it becomes not only a valuable resource for your customers, but a profitable investment as well.

What Does It Cost?

Setup Fee - $765
- One-time setup fee.
- Initial setup of your
- Registration or transfer
  of one domain name
- First year of hosting for
  that domain.

Monthly Fee - $59
- Use of service.
- Hosting/Bandwidth.

Domain Names - $100
- $100 annual domain
  hosting fee (first year
  included in setup fee)
- Additional domains
  are $100 per year per

If you have questions regarding the billing policy, please feel free to email billing@webtoretail.com.

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