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"The response I have received is great. I have contractors checking prices and ordering materials at night. I was surprised how easy it was to design a complete e-commerce Web site with WebToRetail™."
--Brian Paul
Paul's Do It Best Lumber

Is WebToRetail For Me?

Whether you are a large corporation looking for a Web solution for your dealers, retailers, and distributors or a single company looking for a cost effective way to get into the e-business world, WebToRetail has a solution for you.

The Competitive Advantage
For larger companies with multiple (300+) stores, WebToRetail offers co-branded identities which are perfect for giving their associates a Web presence. WebToRetail can be customized to fit any parent company or organization's current corporate identity. This will ensure that multiple distributors retain the look and feel of their parent corporation.

WebToRetail not only offers a low-cost of entry for channel partners, but also gives distributors control over their individual sites. Features such as password protected administrative areas, which allow the distributor to offer contractors discounted pricing, give dealers a defined edge over the competition.

WebToRetail's powerful intelligence reports enable companies to track, manage and optimize e-business strategies. WebToRetail tools can effectively unify information across multiple distributor locations, thereby giving the entire corporation an industry-wide advantage.

WebToRetail is Cost Effective for Small Businesses
WebToRetail's tools allow anyone with minimal computer skills to manage an entire e-commerce site. Perfect for the small business owner. The need to outsource or hire a Web development specialist is eliminated. You are not at the mercy of another company and their ideas, schedules and billing department every time you need to make a change.

Using the simple tools, you are in complete control to tailor build a site that fits your business and update it as often as you need. When you see WebToRetail at work, you'll be impressed with just how easy it is.

Chambers of Commerce:
Offer your members a valuable resource by providing an economical and easy way for them to maintain a commerce-enabled Web site. Commerce members will find new channels for their products and services while expanding their markets.

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