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"WebToRetail™ is a very service oriented company. We had tried another company with very little success. WebToRetail ™ has responded quickly and they have been extremely helpful with any questions I have had. It has been a very positive experience, and I would be glad to recommend them to any one."
--Ezra Maust
Peoples Supply Company

How Does WebToRetail Work?

WebToRetail is easy. Really. Three steps and you'll have your Web site up and running. No complicated processes, no software to install. Do it all live and online from any computer that has Internet access.

Step 1 Step 1 - Choose a Design
First, choose a design. Like other applications you are familiar with, you just pick a preset template that sets up the basics for you. This template preloads all of the appearance options for your site: colors, fonts, images, design and settings.

Then, customize these settings to fit your particular needs. Change the color, the size or style of the text, the placement of the different elements on the page - or keep it the way it is on the template. You can even upload your own logo for the header and make the entire page match your brand design. Every choice is up to you.

Step 2 Step 2 - Add Content
Now, you can add sections to your site. Start with your front page, adding any pertinent information you want there. Then move on to add any number of additional sections like: About Us, What's New, Coupons, Online Store, etc.

You're in control. Want a special page that features the employee of the month? Add it. Need a section to announce your new product lines? Just click, type in a title and it's there.

At any time, you can come back and modify these sections or add new ones. Update anything - news items, products, sale prices, specials. It's your site - create it the way you want it.

Step 3 Step 3 - Publish Your Site!
Verify your business and contact information, enter your billing information, choose a domain name (www.yourcompany.com) and click "Publish".

Congratulations! You're up and running on the Web. It's no harder than filling out an order form for office supplies. We promise. If you ever do have a question or a concern, we're right here to help you out.

If you've always wanted to be on the Web but were confused by HTML, Java and all those other acronym mysteries, WebToRetail is the answer. No programming languages to learn, no complicated data to enter. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you're ready to launch your Internet presence.

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